Joan Fullam Irick Privacy Project

Leading defense attorneys provide critical insights into the latest privacy issues affecting the corporate and defense bar. An essential set of reference books for any legal practitioner in today's complex litigation environment -- and a great tool for corporate clients as well. Phase I was published in 2003. Phase II was published in 2004. Phase III was published in 2007. Phase IV was published in 2011. Phase V is being published in the July 2017 Defense Counsel Journal issue and in the October 2017 Defense Counsel Journal issue.

Privacy Project I is available in its entirety here.

Phase I Topics

  • Defending Protective Orders
  • Privacy and the Human Genome Project
  • Privilege for Internal E-mails
  • Analyzing Self-Critical Analyses
  • Protecting Against Cybersmear
  • Monitoring the Electronic Workplace
  • Romantic Relationships at Work
  • Privacy for the Judicial Perspective
  • Personal Data Protection in the U.K.
  • Personal Data Protection in Australia
  • The HIPPA Privacy Rule

Phase II Topics

  • The USA PATRIOT Act: Security and Privacy
  • Consumer Privacy and Preemption
  • Constitution, Crime and Clergy
  • Discovery in Abuse Claims
  • Parent-Child Communication Privilege
  • Deliberative Process Privilege
  • Self Critical Analysis Privilege in Medical CareEuropean Data Protection
  • Managing Privacy Risks in Your Business
  • Confidential Settlement Agreements
  • Expanding Tort Liability for Information Providers
  • Romantic Relationships at Work

Phase III Topics

  • The Cycle of America’s Privacy Intrusion: The USA Patriot Act Continues a Historical Trend
  • The Corporate Attorney-Client Privilege: Preserving Privacy in an Age of Transparency
  • Caveat Employer
  • Employer Surveillance of Employee Computer Use
  • Privacy of Workplace Drug Testing Procedures and Results
  • Privacy, the New Black?
  • Spilling Your Beans: An Analysis of States’ Notice of Breach Laws and Recent Court Rulings
  • Police Confidential: Access to Law Enforcement Files in New York Federal Court Actions
  • What is a "Related" Medical Condition?: Pitting the Privacy Interest in Medical Treatment Against the Right to Discover Relevant Evidence
  • Privacy in the Executive Suite: The Apex Doctrine
  • Discovery of the Insurer’s Claims File: Exploring the Limits of Plaintiff ’s Fishing License
  • Confidential Settlements: Issues for Consideration