Centennial Fundraiser Cookbook

For the IADC’s Centennial in 2020, The Foundation of the IADC plans to produce a cookbook to raise funds for the Foundation and celebrate the camaraderie, family, and friendships that are such a special part of the IADC.

We want at least one favorite recipe from each country, state, and province in which we have an IADC member. More importantly, we want your stories and photos about the recipes so we can produce a cookbook that really represents the unique nature of the IADC. Please submit your recipe(s) by filling out the form and sending it to the Foundation Executive Director Mary Beth Kurzak at mkurzak@iadclaw.org. Please read the instructions on the form and the recipe guidelines. To see an example of a submitted recipe, click here. We're excited for this cookbook to offer not just recipes but highlights of our wonderful IADC members and families.

We also are looking for IADC members, significant others, children, parents, or other family members who like to cook and would be willing to test a small number of recipes to make sure the instructions are clear. If you want to be part of our culinary test crew, please email Mary Beth Kurzak at mkurzak@iadclaw.org.

Proceeds from the cookbook will help the Foundation provide meaningful support to such projects as iCivics, the UN’s Education for Justice initiative, National High School Mock Trial Championship, and more.

Thank you in advance for your help! Questions? Please contact Cookbook Chair Jim Rogers or Mary Beth Kurzak.