Foundation Grants

The IADC Foundation supports a variety of organizations and projects through grants. The Foundation Board recently updated its grant vetting process to ensure it has a diverse and wide-reaching portfolio of grants for organizations around the world that support the rule of law and access for all to a fair and just legal system.

Its current grant recipients include:

Justice Without Borders

Justice Without Borders provides transnational legal assistance for victims of labor exploitation and human trafficking, primarily migrant workers, in Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines. They enable victims to seek rightful compensation from their abusers, even after returning home. They also drive groundbreaking civil litigation that turns the extraordinary of cross-border compensation claims into the ordinary. As a regional organization, they work with frontline aid organizations, caseworkers, government agencies, law firms, lawyers, law students, legal aid associations, and university clinical legal education programs.

GRACE Initiative

The IADC Foundation previously provided a grant to the United Nations Office Against Drugs and Crime (UNODC) to support their Education for Justice campaign. The Education for Justice campaign is a multi-year program to create games and resources for youth around the world to teach them how to be good citizens, teach them coping strategies, and help keep them out of gangs and terrorist groups that often prey on vulnerable young people.

Building on the success of the Education for Justice (E4J) and Anti-Corruption Academic (ACAD) initiatives, UNODC launched the Global Resource for Anti-Corruption Education and Youth Empowerment (GRACE) initiative to promote further the role of education and youth empowerment in preventing and countering corruption. The Foundation is currently supporting this effort.

The GRACE initiative will bring to the international community knowledge and experience working with educators, academics, youth, and anti-corruption authorities to foster a culture of rejection of corruption.

IADC Webinars

IADC Webinars provide members, their firms, and their clients with valuable educational opportunities. The IADC presents approximately 15 Webinars annually, all one hours in length and complimentary. 

National Foundation for Judicial Excellence

The National Foundation for Judicial Excellence (NFJE) joins bar associations, law schools, think tanks, and other non-profit organizations that strive to strengthen and preserve the civil justice system. Their mission is to address important legal policy issues affecting the law and civil justice system by providing meaningful support and education to the judiciary. They do this by publishing scholarly works and by engaging in other efforts to continually enhance and ensure judicial excellence and fairness for all engaged in the judicial process.

I Am Why

I Am Why brings young women and gender expansive activists together with researchers and other partners to increase young activists’ individual and collective power. By celebrating their strengths and sharing their stories and visions for justice, young people lead the way to policies, practices, and programs that work.

National High School Mock Trial Championship

The National High School Mock Trial Championship allows thousands of high school students to gain skills and confidence as well as a respect and understanding of the rule of law. A tournament takes place annually and typically includes a total of 46 teams.

To help support high school students in their efforts throughout the year on their mock trial teams, the IADC Foundation has a YouTube channel with videos on key components of the trial with tips and techniques to help students succeed.


Spearheaded by the Honorable Sandra Day O’Connor, iCivics is a web-based education project designed to reinvigorate civics teaching and learning. iCivics features free lesson plans, interactive modules, and games. With these tools, iCivics empowers the first generation of ‘digital natives’ to become knowledgeable civic participants and leaders. More than 7.6 million students and 120,000 active educators rely on iCivics for its curriculum.

Read the "Eight Years of Partnership: Progress Report" from iCivics for the IADC Foundation. 

The IADC Foundation is working with the assistance of IADC members to promote iCivics and bring it into classrooms across the United States. Lawyers interested in helping with iCivics should visit the iCivics website for more information and a guide for volunteering in the classroom.

Sandra Day O'Connor Legacy Fund

The Foundation of the IADC provided a $100,000 donation to the Sandra Day O'Connor Legacy Fund, which benefits iCivics in furtherance of its mission to reinvigorate civic education. The Sandra Day O'Connor Legacy Fund was established specifically to support iCivics' current operations and growth and to ensure iCivics continues to engage the next generation of citizens. In addition to the IADC Foundation's $100,000 grant, the IADC Foundation asked IADC members and their firms and companies to donate through a separate campaign and raised $43,000. Thank you to those donors.

Sandra Day O’Connor Legacy Fund Donors

Donations and Pledges - Individuals
Mark Beebe, Adams and Reese LLP, New Orleans, LA
Julie Callsen, Tucker Ellis LLP, Cleveland, OH
E. Paul Cauley, Jr., Sedgwick LLP, Dallas, TX
Molly H. Craig, Hood Law Firm, LLC, Charleston, SC
Evelyn F. Davis, Hawkins Parnell Thackston & Young LLP, Atlanta, GA
Bill and Mary DiSipio, Lavin, O'Neil, Cedrone & DiSipio, Philadelphia, PA
Darby V. Doan, Haltom & Doan, Texarkana, TX
Jennifer Haltom Doan, Haltom & Doan, Texarkana, TX
Amy Sherry Fischer, Foliart, Huff, Ottaway & Bottom, Oklahoma City, OK
Cathy Havener Greer, Wells, Anderson & Race, LLC, Denver, CO
Peggy Kubicz Hall, Greene Espel P.L.L.P, Minneapolis, MN
Tripp Haston, Bradley Arant Boult Cummings, LLP, Birmingham, AL
Andrew Kopon, Jr., Kopon Airdo, LLC, Chicago, IL
Jerome Kraisinger, Avendra LLC, Rockville, MD
Mary Beth Kurzak, IADC, Chicago, IL
Donna Lamontagne, Lamontagne, Spaulding & Hayes, LLP., Providence, RI
Wendy D. May, Hartline Dacus Barger Dreyer LLP, Dallas, TX
Kenneth R. Meyer, McCarter & English, LLP, Newark, NJ
Lorena Olmos, Modrall Sperling, Albuquerque, NM
Alfred R. Paliani, Quality King Distributors, Inc. / QK Healthcare, Inc., Bellport, NY
Bruce R. Parker, Venable LLP, Baltimore, MD"
Stephen S. McCloskey, Semmes, Bowen & Semmes, Baltimore, MD
Archie Reeves, McDowell Knight Roedder & Sledge, LLP, Mobile, AL
David J. Rosenberg, Weber Gallagher Simpson Stapleton Fires & Newby, LLC, Pittsburgh, PA
M.C. Sungaila, Haynes and Boone, LLP, Costa Mesa, CA
Quentin Urquhart, Irwin Fritchie Urquhart & Moore LLC, New Orleans, LA
Max E. Wright, Kelly, Hart, & Hallman L.L.P., Midland, TX
Al Vance, Altec, Inc., Birmingham, AL
Jessalyn H. Zeigler, Bass Berry & Sims PLC, Nashville, TN

Donations and Pledges – Companies and Firms
Foliart, Huff, Ottaway & Bottom, Oklahoma City, OK
Weber Gallagher Simpson Stapleton Fires & Newby LLP, Pittsburgh, PA

Trial Academy Faculty Pledges
The Penhooligans
Bruce Barze, Balch & Bingham LLP, Birmingham, AL
John Bateman, Lavin, O'Neil, Cedrone & DiSipio, Philadelphia, PA
Brigid Carpenter, Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC, Nashville, TN
Andrew Chamberlin, Ellis & Winters LLP, Greensboro, NC
Mary Alane Downs, Morgan, Carlo, Downs & Everton, P.A., Hunt Valley, MD
Bobby Hood, Jr., Hood Law Firm LLC, Charleston, SC
Thomas J. Hurney, Jr., Jackson Kelly PLLC, Charleston, WV
Walter Johnson, Watkins & Eager, Jackson, MS
Wendy May, Hartline Dacus Barger Dreyer LLP, Dallas, TX
Mary Anne Mellow, Sandberg Phoenix & Von Gontard P.C., St. Louis, MO
Stuart Miller, Mitchell, Williams, Selig, Gates & Woodyard, PLLC, Little Rock, AR
Christopher Parkerson, Campbell Campbell Edwards & Conroy P.C., Boston, MA
John R. Penhallegon, Cornblatt, Bennett, Penhallegon & Roberson, P.A., Towson, MD
Chas Reynolds, II, Butler Weihmuller Katz Craig LLP, Tampa, FL
Steven Schwegman, Quinlivan & Hughes, P.A., St. Cloud, MN

The Campbell Souperstars
Jim Campbell, Campbell Campbell Edwards & Conroy P.C., Boston, MA
E. Paul Cauley, Jr., Sedgwick LLP, Dallas, TX
Pat Conlon, Exxon Mobil Corporation, Houston, TX
Bill DiSipio, Lavin, O'Neil, Cedrone & DiSipio, Philadelphia, PA
Kathy Maus, Butler Pappas Weihmuller Katz Craig LLP, Tallahassee, FL
John Mayne, Bikakis, Mayne,Arneson, Hindman & Hisey, Sioux City, IA
Donna Melby, Paul Hastings LLP, Los Angeles, CA
John R. Penhallegon, Cornblatt, Bennett, Penhallegon & Roberson, P.A., Towson, MD
Regina Petty, Fisher & Phillips LLP, San Diego, CA
Mary Quinn-Cooper, McAfee & Taft, Tulsa, OK
Susan Roney, Nixon Peabody LLP, Buffalo, NY
David J. Rosenberg, Weber Gallagher Simpson Stapleton Fires & Newby, LLC, Pittsburgh, PA
Quentin Urquhart, Irwin Fritchie Urquhart & Moore LLC, New Orleans, LA

The Silver Glatiators
Donna L. Burden, Burden, Gulisano & Hansen, LLC, Buffalo, NY
M. Warren Butler, Starnes Davis Florie, LLP, Mobile, AL
Emily G. Coughlin, Coughlin Betke, LLP, Boston, MA
Asim K. Desai, Gordon & Rees LLP, Los Angeles, CA
Gustave A. Fritchie, III, Irwin Fritchie Urquhart & Moore LLC, New Orleans, LA
Alex J. Hagan, Ellis & Winters, Raleigh, NC
Bradford B. Ingram, Heyl, Royster, Voelker & Allen, Peoria, IL
James W. Jennings, Jr., Woods Rogers PLC, Roanoke, VA
Jeffrey R. Johnson, Scheer & Zehnder LLP, Seattle, WA
Gerry Lowry, Norton Rose Fulbright, Houston, TX
Christine A. Marlewski, Gray Robinson P.A., Tampa, FL
Stephanie M. Rippee, Watkins & Eager PLLC, Jackson, MS
James F. Rogers, Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP, Columbia, SC
Spencer H. Silverglate, Clarke Silverglate, P.A., Miami, FL
Henry M. Sneath, Picadio Sneath Miller & Norton, P.C., Pittsburgh, PA

Bruce’s Almighties
Michael K. Brown, Reed Smith LLP, Los Angeles, CA
Bruce R. Parker, Venable LLP, Baltimore, MD
Elizabeth Haecker Ryan, Coats Rose, New Orleans, LA

Barbarians at the Bar
Margaret Fonshell Ward, Ward & Herzog, LLC, Baltimore, MD
Jeptha F. Barbour, Marks Gray, P.A., Jacksonville, FL
Amy Sherry Fischer, Foliart, Huff, Ottaway & Bottom, Oklahoma City, OK
James A. King, Porter Wright Morris & Arthur LLP, Columbus, OH
Neva G. Lusk, Spilman Thomas & Battle, PLLC, Charleston, WV
Alba Arriaga Romano, Riley, Hewitt, Witte & Romano P.C., Pittsburgh, PA


Thank you to our iCivics State Ambassadors.

National Ambassadors
Molly Craig and Catherine Templeton

State Ambassadors
Alabama: Bruce Barze
Arkansas: Robert Veon
California: MC Sungaila and Susan Zimmer
Colorado: Cathy Havener Greer
Connecticut: John Robinson
Florida: Bob Fitzsimmons, Scott Newman, and Connie Collins
Georgia: Evelyn Davis and Jennifer Cooper
Idaho: Brad Dixon
Indiana: Michael Brown
Iowa: Greg Lederer and Juliana Mayne
Illinois: Deborah Cole
Kansas: Ted McDonald
Louisiana: Leigh Anne Schell and Dinah Bradford
Maryland: Steven McCloskey, Bruce Parker, and Peggy Ward
Massachusetts: Becky Wilson
Mississippi: Stephanie Rippee
Montana: Max Davis
New Jersey: Ken Meyer and Jeff Campbell
North Carolina: Tom and Jeanie Cottingham, Peter Santos and Rick Coughlin
North Dakota: Paul Ebeltoft
New Hampshire: Matt Cairns
New York: Rosemary Stuart
Ohio: Nancy Lawson
Oklahoma: Amy Sherry Fischer
Pennsylvania: Betsy Christof, George Murphy, Joe O’Neil and David Rosenberg
Rhode Island: Donna Lamontagne
South Carolina: Molly Craig and Catherine Templeton
Tennessee: Brigid Carpenter and Gino and Jeanne Marchetti
Texas: Wendy May
Washington, DC: Eric Lasker
Wisconsin: Mary Wolverton
West Virginia: Robert Trumble, Kathleen Trumble and Tammy White