In-House Expectations of Outside Counsel: A Peek Behind...

In-House Expectations of Outside Counsel: A Peek Behind...
Outside counsel, and their in-house counterparts, are each searching to develop a fruitful and mutually prosperous relationship. This Webinar will offer a peek behind the curtain into the expectations of the corporate counsel doing the hiring. It will address questions such as: 1) how specialized does corporate counsel expect their outside litigation counsel to be? Is it better to be all things, or something more narrowcast? 2) what can a business litigator do to be more than a "1 hit wonder"? 3) how do corporate counsel feel about outside counsel revealing wins and losses in order to market themselves to other potential clients? (Do war stories and win/loss records persuade in-house counsel to purchase services—or is it off-putting?) 4) What are the worst things outside counsel do, and why do they keep doing it? Webinars are complimentary. Please note that the IADC does NOT apply for CLE Credit for its webinars. However, attendees are welcome to apply for and/or claim credit as their jurisdictions allow. Please contact your state accrediting agency for state-specific requirements and rules.
10/18/2017 12:00 PM - 10/18/2017 1:00 PM
United States

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