Differential Diagnosis and Daubert: Preventing the Misuse...

While a "differential diagnosis" in medicine and a "differential etiology" in the courtroom have similar names and follow similar steps, they have vastly different purposes and apply different causal standards. Still, courts sometimes confuse the two and admit causation opinions based on speculative or insufficient evidence. This Webinar is intended as a guide for defense lawyers who are facing personal injury claims in which the plaintiff's expert purports to base his or her causation opinion on a differential diagnosis. It will explore the technique as it has been employed in the courts, describe the weaknesses and logical fallacies which underlie the technique, and provide practice tips for defending against differential etiology opinions. Webinars are complimentary. Please note that the IADC does NOT apply for CLE Credit for its webinars. However, attendees are welcome to apply for and/or claim credit as their jurisdictions allow. Please contact your state accrediting agency for state-specific requirements and rules.

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