Turf Wars: The Growing Attack on Synthetic Turf Crumb Rubber

Synthetic turf is the target of recent allegations that the tiny bits of "crumb rubber" in the fields may be causing cancer. Health studies conducted to date have found no cause for concern. But ESPN and NBC News have both run specials highlighting the allegations, and several federal and state agencies and the European Chemicals Agency are conducting investigations. The issue is affecting local governments, universities, and sports teams in the US and UK. The panelists will discuss the nature of the attacks on this highly useful product, the current science and the ongoing investigations, and the risk of potential litigation. Webinars are complimentary. Please note that the IADC does NOT apply for CLE Credit for its webinars. However, attendees are welcome to apply for and/or claim credit as their jurisdictions allow. Please contact your state accrediting agency for state-specific requirements and rules.

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