Certification Programs

Professional Industry Certification

This program outlines the requirements of acquiring initial certification in our industry. Our certification programs prove to all your proficiency and dedication to our industry.
Maintenance program is available after completion of the certification. View details...

Practice Management Certification

Completion of this program indicates you have the skills and knowledge to manage a professional practice. Complete 40 hours from the available courses.
Maintenance program is available after completion of the certification. View details...

Enroll in a program

Click a program name to review the requirements for the certification you are interested in. When you are ready to enroll, sign in to the website and select Enroll for the program you wish to pursue. You will be able to view the requirements needed and the deadline date for program completion.

Complete the requirements

Once enrolled, you can view your progress towards the certification. Select an available requirement for details on how to complete it. Some requirements may not be available until prerequisites are completed. 
After completing a requirement, some allow you to record your completion and provide details about when and how you completed it. 
If the requirement requires approval, it will appear as earned after it is approved and credit will be granted. Completion of some other requirements may require association staff to record the completion.  
Click Print Transcript at any time to view a printable record of all the courses and requirements you have completed. 

Complete the program

Complete all of the necessary requirements and ensure that you have the met the minimum number of units required for the program. When your progress has been approved, your certification is earned!